Operations Manual Development

Operations Manual Development

Francorp will develop a comprehensive operations manual that lists in detail all of the tasks required to operate the business, from unit opening to unit closing. The operations manual serves as a vital reference tool for franchisees once training is complete.

Initial Analysis and Outline

Francorp will develop a preliminary outline that identifies and describes the topics that should be covered in the comprehensive franchise operations

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manual. Based on discussions at the initial client meeting and material supplied by the client, this outline will reflect Francorp’s initial understanding of the issues relevant to the franchisee and will be specifically tailored to the franchise concept. It will also indicate the points at which the manual should cross-reference the provisions of the franchise agreement and will delineate the areas for which systems must be developed to monitor the operations of the franchisee. The outline is designed to aid the process of implementing the franchise program and will further serve as the agenda for the field visit of the operations consultant.

On Site Analysis and Consulting

A Francorp operations consultant will visit the client’s place of business to observe its operations first-hand and to discuss the preliminary outline. Subject to client approval, the consultant will determine the manual’s style, scope, and format, and will document procedures, collecting any materials that are to be included in the manual.

Franchise Operations Manual

Francorp will create a customized, comprehensive manual incorporating information essential to the operation of the franchise. Its content will be based on data obtained in meetings with the client, the observation of the business, the final franchise documents prepared for the program, and Francorp’s extensive experience. The key factor covered in these documents are

  • Franchise network introduction.
  • Establishing a Business
  • Managing a Franchise Business
  • Personnel
  • Operational Procedures
  • Advertising the Franchise Business.

Manual Outline and Editorial Review

For clients who prefer to draft their own manuals, Francorp provides the client with an outline and will edit the client’s manual.